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Monday, January 12, 2015

Loaded Lacquers

I've decided to name this blog simply: Loaded Lacquers because Heather's choice for her brand is perfection. Her lacquers ARE loaded.

When I first saw the brand, I wasn't very excited I'll be honest. I'm not a glitter topper kind of girl so....meh... Besides, my opinion was that her labels were way too big and gaudy - I couldn't get a good look at what was inside the bottle. Hey, I'm just being honest so don't call me a bully - it was simply my opinion and who cares. But the brand basically blew up before my eyes, everyone ranting and raving about Heather's creations. Meh, Glitters....who needs them....and I still avoided....and then my smister (that's NOT a typo) sent me this:

A jelly....? Eh, cute.
And North of the Arctic Circle? Hm, pretty....but glitter....
Then I tried them.

Wow. Then I HAD to own more.

Each order was personally wrapped, you could tell a lot of care and desire to please went into wrapping alone! And the polishes!
Close your eyes...well, not really because you need to read but imagine a circus setting except in the center ring as your ringmaster is Heather from Loaded Lacquer, and she's holding a polish wand instead of a whip, and instead of fierce lions and tigers, she tames glitters of all sizes and colors! Down! Lay flatly! Look Stunning! And they do it!! OK, I'm an only child, my imagination is a bit nutty sometimes....but it's how I see her.

So, I still don't consider myself to be a glitter topper - or even a jelly kind of girl but I DEFINITELY consider myself completely addicted to Heather's polishes: Loaded Lacquer. As with others, her customer service is impeccable. She is always very informative about restocks and a total brat teaser with those darn pour shots!!! OMG I swear I have a small orgasm when I watch those. TMI? Sorry. Pouring polish porn, hey - I can't help myself.
How about those Mystery Polishes eh?? I only have one but it's unique and stunning and fun! Of course, glittery sweetness that lays nicely as all her polishes do.
This is mine:

I love Loaded Lacquer.

The entire experience of buying her polishes is pleasant. make sure you check her out, watch for restocks and new releases.

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  1. I love your mystery polish! I just got my very first(and only, hopefully not for long) Loaded Lacquer from one of my good friends and I'm in love! I can't wait to read your interview with Heather!