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Friday, September 5, 2014


Going back in a time warp to my very FIRST indie polish purchase....


Stardust came into my life back in July of 2013. Royalty was just one I HAD to have, it was indeed, my breaking point. I still LOVE Royalty. She's reformulated it but my "old" bottle still serves me well. I also purchased Polar Ice - unfortunately I pretty much used that one to death.

When I began these blogs, I knew it was inevitable that I would be talking about STARDUST. When I began the interviews, Drema was definitely on my list! But that was before the arrival of adORable Logan. (My gosh, those cheeks!) So with everything a polish maker is already doing, planning new lines, ordering supplies, labeling, mailing, making, could I bother Drema?

Apparently not a bother. What a great girl Drema is - again, a common thread amongst successful indie polish makers. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

The question I always ask, but is a good one....why "Stardust"?
As all my friends know I am a HUGE science/space nerd & I love everything science/space related. It took me weeks to come up with my business name and I decided on Stardust while watching an episode of Nova on PBS and it was about space and I learned that 93% of the mass in our body is stardust. I found that fact so interesting and it seemed like a natural fit for a business name for me.

Royals was one of my first indie polishes, why have you decided to reformulate it and what is the difference?

Royalty 2.0 is made with a different color base than the original one, they are very similar but different enough where I can't say it is the same. 

How long have you been making polish?

I have been making polish now for a year & a half.

Tell me about your 'wifey' Rica, how did that marraige happen and when?

Hahaha I'm not quite sure how it happened, it just kind of did. She was the first blogger I used consistently (before she started Rica's Polish) and we started talking all the time & we are so much alike. I talk to her every single day...99% of the time it's all day! 

I love the G.N.O.M.E. boxes! Will those be monthly?

The G.N.O.M.E. boxes will indeed be monthly and always include a polish from me & one from Rica & a different extra thing every month.

How are you managing with new baby and polish? Do you find it hard to make time for polish now? (to make it and to wear?)

I am not going to lie, it is hard managing being a new mom, owning my own business & making time for my husband. I try my best, but my family will always come first. My husband is very supportive of my business so that makes it easier but sometimes he just wants to spend time with me (I am lucky to have a husband who still likes spending time with me :P) I rarely wear polish anymore, mostly I don't have the time to paint them and Logan likes to stick my hand in his mouth :)


Tell me about YOUR favorites? - favorite polishes, main stream and indie???

My favorite main stream is OPI, and the only main stream I will buy. My favorite indies are Rica's Polish, Powder Perfect (Aussie) and Black Cat Lacquer

How many tattoos do you have? Any great stories behind any of them? (pics?!)

I have 10 tattoos, the only story behind them is the one on my foot. 5 Years ago my husband bought me a star & named it after me. I got the coordinates tattooed on my foot, along with a Phoenix (that is what constellation my star is in) I do not have any pictures :(

(note from aprilaura: I found a few pics of her tattoos, and I'm using these with permission - I'm crafty like that! I particularly LOVE her Alice in Wonderland tatts, look at those colors!!!)

Football fan? Who is your team? Why?

Broncos! I was born in Colorado and that is who I grew up watching.  

Do you have "swatchers"? If so who?

I try to use many different swatchers & bloggers but I would have to say Cho @cherubim is my favorite, her swatches are always stunning, no matter what type of polish I send her.

What's the hardest part of being "mom"?

The hardest part of being a mom is there is never any down time or alone time which can be mentally exhausting always having worrying about everything.

Best date night?

My best date ever was actually my first date with my husband Mark. He wouldn't tell me where we were going so I had no idea what to wear so that was kind of strange. But, the date was a couples massage, he got me naked on the first date without anything sexual happening :P and then we went to a restaurant called Rock Bottom Brewery where I ordered BBQ chicken pizza and one of those small bottles of Korbel champagne. I clearly am not a salad on the first date type of lady.

Favorite CAUSE?

My favorite cause is the World Wildlife Fund. I think it is important to protect our environment and animals that we as humans are causing to go into extinction.
What does hubby do?
My husband works for an environmental company called Clean Harbors, he is currently is contracted through DOW Chemical. What he does is help companies dispose of their hazardous waste correctly and legally.

Will Logan have siblings someday?

As of right now we plan on Logan being our only child. When he is 1 we will be making the final decision if it's just him or maybe another...but I can say with 98% surety he will be an only child.

Where are you located?
I am located in Midland, MI. It is about 2 hours north of Detroit.

What does your future hold??

I honestly have no idea! I try not to make any plans because life happens & things don't always go as planned :)

I especially love that she allowed me to get personal with her, it's always an option to answer my questions and she obviously didn't hold back, and I appreciate that. While I too, am guilty of wanting MY polishes RIGHT NOW, we all need to realize that these indie polish makers have lives too - they have families, pets, sometimes they have day jobs, or all day all night jobs like Drema caring for little Logan.
Support your fellow polish lovers/makers - she has recently released a BUNCH of new polishes - and I'll be doing my usual giveaway on Instagram so keep your eyes open for that!!! If you can't wait and need her polishes sooner than later; visit or she can also be found at IG@stardustpolish and facebook:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SWATCH OUT!!! An interview with an indie swatcher - TATTOOED NAIL GIRL/SHANEL

Hey there, it's your friendly interviewer once again.....
My head goes in several different directions. I presently can honestly admit, I have gotten way ahead of myself and I can't keep up with my ideas. That being said; I look at that fact in a positive light.

Here is my one of my recent brilliant ideas: what if I interview those lucky ladies we see modeling our favorite indies? I mean, to be totally honest - don't we secretly wish we ALL could be swatchers? Get the latest releases before anyone else and show them off? No? Just me? I'm betting I'm not alone.

So, no secret I love me some Liquid Sky Lacquer.
 (Thank you captain obvious!)

One of Carolyn's swatchers is Shanel (aka The Tattooed Nail Girl) - and well, what can I say? I love her claws dammit!
Shanel is awesome. I stalk her on FB too, and she's just darn cool, and I like cool people. So I asked and OF COURSE she agreed (didn't I mention she was cool?) and here is the result. Enjoy!

When/Why/How - did you become a swatcher?
Well I started my page last Oct. 2013 but I had already been "swatching" for about a year before that in a couple groups on Facebook that are no longer around and on my personal page. When I would buy an indie or a new polish in general I'd want to share it with everyone or the maker so I'd swatch it. I got a lot of compliments on my nails and everyone kept suggesting I start a blog. But to be honest I am horrible at writing. I didn't have enough things to say about each polish other than I think it's awesome you should buy it lol. So I decided to give in and start a Facebook page. So here I am!

If you don't mind saying what is your fav indie?
Favorite Indie is of course Liquid Sky Lacquer. I don't make it a secret that Carolyn is my favorite and I'm pretty sure she always will be.
Fav non indie?
Hmm that's a hard one. It's a tie between Zoya and O.P.I

What is your regular nail care routine?
I don't really have much of one I guess. Nightly I use California Mango, Mango Mend. Comes in this little container it's orange and smells amazing. It's a balm and I swear by it. In fact I have one in my purse and one in my room! I only use a glass file if I have to file or adjust my nails and I only file when I have polish on my nails that way I know they'll end up straight. And I only file one direction, that way I don't split my nails. I Also use California Mango Cuticle Remover once every other month. I buff my nails once every other month to remove ridges and I also use Nail Tek ll Intensive Therapy on my nails 3-4 times a week under my base coat. Nail Tek ll is for thin and split nails, it's really helped to strengthen up my nails and make them hard. I try to keep polish on them as often as I can and I keep my hands out of water as much as possible since water does tend to make them weak.

Any good advice for healthier nails?
Nail Tek ll Intensive Therapy 3-4 times a week under your base coat. Drink a TON of water!! Keep your hands out water. So if you have to do dishes, wear gloves!! Keeping polish on them will also help prevent them from splitting.
What do you do for fun?
For fun, I spent time with my Puggle Mika, I used to make jewelry for a living but sadly with the economy so slow, I had to close down my business. I read, I love to travel, love road trips (especially to Disney World), I love hiking, I love learning- Science and marine life is a big thing for me. I'm sure there is more, just can't think of it at the moment lol
Tell me about your Disney obsession? 
lol Not sure what there is to say about it. Disney is awesome!! Nuff said!! lol But seriously, my Boyfriend, Scott and I are HUGE and I mean H.U.G.E. Disney fans!! Like I mean our entire house when we move in together is already planned out to be Disneyified lol. Except his office, that's Galaxy and Star Wars lol. We love Disney because no matter your age, you get to be a kid. You get to be young and free. You get to believe the world is filled with magic, adventure, pirates, fairies, Princesses and that if you truly believe, than anything can happen.

Tell me about Alaska?!
Alaska is one of those places that you say "Someday I'd like to go there" And yet most people never do. Well I actually got to and it was AMAZING and breathtaking!! And a million other adjectives! I went for 9 days. We flew there and decided it was better than taking a cruise and being stuck at sea for days not doing anything but staying on the ship. We Did a day cruise for 6 hrs. Saw whales, Dall porpoises, Dall sheep, Puffins and glaciers. I got to be a co-pilot and fly around Mt. McKinley (Mt. Denali), Took a train all over a Alaska, took a bus tour through Denali National Park and saw a Mama Bear and her cub playing. Saw a Junior Bull Moose run up a ridge. I could go on and on with the things I go to see and experience but it would take up way too much space. I got to stay in some amazing lodges and meet people from all over the world. Alaska is a trip that everyone should experience and I truly mean that!! Don't just do a cruise, fly there and truly experience it!!! Heck I ate reindeer!! NOT some thing this city girl would normally do. lol.
Obviously you're tattooed, Pics? Which is your fav tattoo? Who does them?
My favorite tattoo is a matching one with my sister. It says You Are My Person and it's part of an Infinity symbol. It means that not matter what happens in this world, no matter what you do, where you go. I've got your back. I will always be there for you. I will always love you. I will always support you. You can count on me no matter what. I am your person for infinity!
How many do you have? Will there be more?
lol I currently have 16 and yes there are plans for at least 4 cover ups (tattoos done when I was young and stupid) and at least 15-20 new ones.

Favorite movie?  
Boondock Saints, The Notebook, Beauty and The Beast are my top 3
Future plans?
Move to Florida to be with Scott and become Annual Pass Holders to Disney World lol Hey don't judge. Long term for us is to buy property in Washington in the next 10 yrs or so. No kids, but have some dogs and a pygmy goat lol. I might try some nail art videos way down the road once I move to Florida and have my own nail room where I can have a better set up.
What do you hate?
I SERIOUSLY hate is people who neglect or abuse animals. I am extremely passionate and overly emotional when it comes to animals.

See? I told you she was cool. If you'd like to follow her, she is @tattooednailgirl on IG. I just love her nails and her nail art - she recently did a series of swatches using Zoya's latest releases and they are stunning!!! Check her out!

Thanks again for reading my blog, I will continue to brainstorm with new ideas to keep things interesting. xo Aprilaura