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Monday, December 15, 2014

Creative Kayla and her Polishes of Amazement

There once was a girl named Kayla....and she made some

 really cool nail polish....



Lucky me, I got to interview her some time ago and tried out some of her polishes!!!
She asked me what I would choose from her collection and right away I knew I wanted was

How Can I Be of Service - a glitter topper just PACKED with silver, gold and copper colored glitters.

This lovely applied easily, the glitters went exactly where I wanted. Normally I am not a glitter topper kind of girl, which I think I had
explained to her and told her that I would like a blue ... a whatever blue and left it for her to decide and she chose my love:

Parker...what a handsome guy...
I absolutely adore him.

The best description I can give for Parker is he is like liquid cobalt colored glass, applies like a dream. I consider jellies to be kind of sticky...kind of gooey and I have a hard time with application thus my aversion to them, but not this guy. Parker is jelly that will steal your heart. He stole mine, wow


Like true love.

Can't stop....

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but wow.

How about some Flourite?

or Nebula?

Then I told her to choose one for me, and she chose the VERY classy

A Great Red

This is a sweet jelly with red glitters. Coco Chanel-esque classic. Another that I enjoyed playing around with, trying different looks. This is no trampy red baby, she's a real lady.

Kayla also sent me a couple of minis to try out - one was Autumn Nights, part of her Fall Down Like Autumn Leaves Collection. A really pretty blue but alas, I have yet to give it a try. I know!! I'm sorry Kayla!! I see it on other people and it's just yummy yum but for some reason I just haven't done it yet.

She also sent me this one:

I don't know if it ever got a name but I liked it - her glitters lay flatly which is absolutely KEY for me, if the glitter doesn't spread, or lay flatly for me it's out. I can't handle a messy clumpy mess on my fingers.
I suggested Golden Goblin or something like that. I like it because it's a 70's retro greenish packed with nice pretty gold glitters - it's different and I like something out of the norm once in a while.

My final opinion is this: Although I am still not a glitter topper girl, Kayla's Creative Creations are amazing polishes. Quality, Customer service beyond necessity - she is a sweetheart, she's positive and kind and generous. I hope the indie polish industry goes on forever, because every single one of the ladies I've interviewed is exceptional like Kayla. I wish for her amazing success.

Her prices are great, she does package deals, she gives holiday discounts, consistently striving to satisfy her customers. Do yourself a huge favor and check her out at

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CREATIVE CUTICLES Interview with an Indie

I'm so happy to have come into this nail community. I'm ELATED that these lovely ladies agree to interview with me. My latest victim: Kayla from CREATIVE CUTICLES.

I have to apologize as I've been caught up in some personal stuff and this has taken me way too long to post.

Kayla isn't just awesome, ok? She's driven too.

You're a pretty new polish maker, when did you start and why?

I first THOUGHT about making polish when I found out about Indie Polish lol. However, I decided that I was going to take the plunge around September of 2013, although I didn't purchase anything until February of 2014!!! ;)
I spent those 5 months researching EVERYTHING.. from the best types of glitters, to pigments, to the difference of 3-free & 5-free, etc.. I wanted to know everything I could possibly learn without experience!! :)
I also planned 90% of my polishes that I have released, during that time. I wanted to, & still do want to produce the best quality, unique polishes & put a little of myself stamped into the Indie scene. I officially opened shop on February 28, 2014!!

Which was your first polish sold?

Well, seeing as how my very first, paying customer purchased ALL 4 of my first releases.. that would make "A Great Red'. "Nail Besties", "Gator Bait", & Duuuval!", all my first polish sold!! :)

Why 'Creative Cuticles'? and why a Penguin??

When I first started thinking of a name for my brand, I wanted to have "penguin" in the name somewhere.. but, there was already a brand called "Penguin Polish" & every other name I thought of just didn't feel "right".. So, I began to think about the relationships & reputation that I had already established in the Instagram community & decided it would be nice for someone to look at the brand name & immediately think of me!! :) (I don't know how well that works, but it was my thinking).. Although I wanted my IG handle to be represented, I didn't want it to be "Kayla's" anything, because I make the polishes for "you", so I just cut my name out & used Creative Cuticles (which is a great name for a polish company!! especially an indie lol.. It is a VERY creative business!!  

How did you and Amy (mcpolish) cross paths? 

Oh my gosh!!! <3
I had been following Amy for a while from my nail account & THEN when I was attempting to find "Jacksonville Nail Girls" for a meet, I discovered that she was a native, as well (JUST outside of Jax, but the way it is here, it is all basically the same lol).. Well, once I started purchasing supplies (or as I call it ingredients haha) I started thinkig about who I wanted to swatch.. SO, I sat down & just wrote down a few names & then I scrolled through my follow list & added a few more incase everyone said no.. After that I sorted them in order I would ask (most wanted to least).. She was the very first person I asked!!!
I was SO SO nervous after I hit the send button.. Then she was "typing" (I messaged her on Kik).. he response was "Hell yeah!"..... & I never turned back HAHAHA!!!

How do I not own every single Star Wars inspired polish? LOL I really want Icy Right Through You too!!! ARG!! 

I would assume, because maybe you didn't know about me yet? lol
it was only my 2nd set of releases :) I marketed the crap out of it, & then shortly after my release 3 bigger name indies released a Star Wars collab.. haha (that's the indie business, though.. tough, tight competition) That is why I strive to be as unique as possible, so that there is much less of a chance to have someone else competing with my particular polishes.
Also, "Icy Right Through You" was a VERY limited edition.. It was one of the 10% I didn't pre-plan.. One of my suppliers sent a bag of the glitter mix as an extra in my order, & I can't find it ANYWHERE!!! :(

Where did your first international sale go?

My first international sale went to an amazingly sweet lady, named Karen, in Northern Ireland!!! It was the coolest thing EVER, at the time!!! I called my Mema & had to tell her, immediatey!! She was the very first "War Among the Stars" order & she ordered the entire collection... I wish it would've gone smoother.. 45 days later, her package had STILL not arrived, so I sent her another collection and added 2 of my other polishes as an apology, although she was EXTREMELY understanding & offered to pay for a new collection (which I would have NEVER asked her to do!!)!! I then decided to ONLY ship International by Flat Rate.. her 2nd package arrived in 2 weeks (the first one is still MIA)!!!

Polish Pockets, tell me about them.

Ahhh.. Polish Pockets!!! Tammy (@homemademomsnails) is a little GENIUS!!! I had had my eyes on those for a while, & hadn't had a chance to purchase, yet.. Well, while I was trying to figure out the release dates & such for my Autumn collection I had a crazy idea.. There are so many people teaming up with vinyl ladies (myself included on my collab with KicKassBeauty), why not do it with Polish Pockets?!?!?! So, I messaged her & asked her how she would like to make some custom polish pockets for me, in bulk, so that I could include them with purchases.. She was over the moon excited & immediately agreed & got to work making prototypes!!! :)
I feel great about the decision!! I love the product SO much!!! & I was thrilled to get the chance & privilege to help out a friend's business!!! Hopefully, other brands will follow suit & join up with her!! <3

Why "Parker"?

Parker was such a beautiful accident!!! <3
I was making a custom polish for a customer, & it was just WAY too dark.. So I set that bottle aside & later that night I decided to paint my nails with it to see what it looked like on.. I FELL IN LOVE!!!!! <3
I wasn't going to release, at first.. Then I kinda talked myself into it, by thinking that EVERYONE NEEDED it!!! ;)
Then I had to think of a name.. (I am not good with choosing a name to go with a polish, I am a creating a polish AROUND the name kinda gal!! lol).. so as I sat there & stared at my nails ALL I could think was how much Ty (my son) would love it!! ...............,DUH!!! And it just so happened that his birthday was coming up (Sept 1st).. Ty didn't seem....... beautiful? enough lol.. His middle name is Parker.. PERFECT!! <3 

Why different bottles? I love them btw and the brushes are excellent!!!

The VERY first thing I looked for when planning where to buy supplies & planning what my investment should/would be, I knew I wanted a unique bottle.. I originally wanted a different bottle.. I showed my boyfriend & he said "that doesn't look like "you"".. I immediately began searching again lol........... Then I came across my flats & just KNEW those were the ONES!!! (at the time I had never seen anyone use them.. shortly after I opened, almost every new brand had them.. but most have since switched!!) ;)

Favorite movie?

My ALL TIME favorite movie is The Wedding Singer.. I am just a LITTLE obsessed with Adam Sandler!! <3
(he is the only person on my "exempt list" AHAHAHA)

Are you married? How old are you?

I am not married.. :(
I have been with my boyfriend for ALMOST 5 years (September 14th is our anniversary) <3
I plan on marrying him!!! Just waiting on 4 big words & a little shiny rock on my hand!! ;)

Does your mailman fear you? Does he/she know about your stalking technique?

I think my mailman USED to fear..... no, not fear.. that's not the right word.. hmmmm.. be weary?.. be cautious? (those are better).. I don't know if he is aware of how serious my "stalking" is, BUT he knows that I am ALWAYS alert & waiting when he has a package for me.. & since starting CCNP, he is also aware of outgoing packages & if it has been a couple of days he will mention that I haven't sent anything out in a while lol.

"Un Halloween"? Why? Where did you come up with it?

Hmmm.. I have NO idea how my brain works, sometimes!!! I was so stumped on Halloween.. It is SO hard to think of something COMPLETELY original for holiday polishes.. You could do movies or characters, but chances are someone has or will also do them.. I was flipping through my idea book & I had "Acid Rainbow" in my arsenal (from before I opened) & I thought to myself.. hmm.. that would be interesting for Halloween.. Then I tried to think of how I could tie it to Halloween.. I was like "well, acid rainbow is like the opposite of a regular rainbow, it is scary!".. Hence was born Un-Halloween.. then a glow zombie polish was a GIVEN!!! ;)

Favorite food?

My favorite food.......... Is Chinese an answer?!?!?! No? Ok...... eggrolls!!! <3

Polish? Favorite indie, and mainstream. How often do you polish your own nails?

I LOVE polish!!!! <3

I just recently recounted... Almost 400, now...... :/ I am NOT ashamed!!! :D

My FAVORITE indie brand has got to be Pipe Dream Polish and Loaded Lacquer!!

I am a die hard China Glaze girl.. that is my GO TO mainstream!!!!! <3

I paint my nails a lot less than I used to, before I started my line, BUT I RARELY have naked nails!!!

I will paint my nails once every couple of days, to 6 or 7 times a day, depending on my mood or free time lol.

I keep saying I need to start doing more art again.


So I think it's time you go check out Ms. Kayla don't you? 

You can go to 

- she runs all kinds of cool promotions and prices her polishes so you won't break the bank. 

Check back with me soon, my review of her polishes will be coming soon!! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sprinkling Stardust Everywhere

My very first Indie Polish... and one that I will always go back to,


Not only because the formula is great and the colors are inventive and make me drool, but because of Drema. She fits perfectly the description of any of the Indie Polish Makers I've interviewed; she's sweet and goes out of her way to make sure her customers are satisfied.

But I've done the interview, so now let's swoon over these colors.


Saw it, wrote down the name and just knew I had to have it. A green-blueish gem with gold glitters. Yep, I love it.

Golden Orchid:

Usually I don't choose pinks but as I do, had to try something I don't normally try - if I didn't my nail polish collection would be made up entirely of BLUES.
This was a nice option. Again, with gold glitter, a bubblegum pink. It's fun and flirty and I really like it. I tried to stamp a golden flower to highlight the gold glow but alas, my pictures just don't do this beauty justice.




Vampy vampy vampy. Black jelly with red glitter....gah!!!!!! Cleans up oh so nicely too - I have gotten pretty good at painting my nails with minimum clean up but whenever I use a dark polish I worry about my cuticles looking stained. Not with Harlot. She may be a vamp, but she she's a lady on your nails... wait, what? did that even make sense? Who cares.
My smister sent this to me - as usual, she has made another perfect choice! (Love you Ang!!)

Back Seat Bingo:

B to the I to the NG mutha-effin' OOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Blue blue blue!!! Did I mention how much I adore blue nail polish?! Well this is THE blue. Blue with blue glitter, yes please!!!

Yes Your Majesty:

Another color I avoid, but this is a red I couldn't pass up. When I first saw it, I thought, ' wow that's nice for a red', and (steams up nails and polishes them on lapel) I was right.....again.
Some of you LOVE your reds so don't miss this one!!! Another nice clean up. No staining...yes, very nice.


Now this isn't her latest Royalty 2.0, this is my year old original. The deep deep holo - that's what made it a MUST have when I saw it and converted to the dark side obsession that I now have. All the holo ALL for ME!!! It's easy to see why I converted.....what a stunner!!

Polar Ice:

I wasn't even going to bother talking about this polish, I had thought after a year of some heavy use, and it being a white...well it had to be no good after a year...right? WRONG!! I gave it a try and it surprised me pleasantly by just gliding onto my nails.....aaaaahhhhhh! You just can't go wrong with a delicate white nail polish - it suits any occasion, especially this one.

I'm giving away a bottle of Snazzy and a bottle of Giggle Water - Giggle Water was a tough one to part with because it's.....BLUE!!! But hey, gotta share the polish love right? It's not one I own, so whomever gets it better love it like I would!!! Go find my post on Instagram for rules on my giveaway - ending November 1st.

If you can't wait for a giveaway - go buy these lovelies !!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Going back in a time warp to my very FIRST indie polish purchase....


Stardust came into my life back in July of 2013. Royalty was just one I HAD to have, it was indeed, my breaking point. I still LOVE Royalty. She's reformulated it but my "old" bottle still serves me well. I also purchased Polar Ice - unfortunately I pretty much used that one to death.

When I began these blogs, I knew it was inevitable that I would be talking about STARDUST. When I began the interviews, Drema was definitely on my list! But that was before the arrival of adORable Logan. (My gosh, those cheeks!) So with everything a polish maker is already doing, planning new lines, ordering supplies, labeling, mailing, making, could I bother Drema?

Apparently not a bother. What a great girl Drema is - again, a common thread amongst successful indie polish makers. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

The question I always ask, but is a good one....why "Stardust"?
As all my friends know I am a HUGE science/space nerd & I love everything science/space related. It took me weeks to come up with my business name and I decided on Stardust while watching an episode of Nova on PBS and it was about space and I learned that 93% of the mass in our body is stardust. I found that fact so interesting and it seemed like a natural fit for a business name for me.

Royals was one of my first indie polishes, why have you decided to reformulate it and what is the difference?

Royalty 2.0 is made with a different color base than the original one, they are very similar but different enough where I can't say it is the same. 

How long have you been making polish?

I have been making polish now for a year & a half.

Tell me about your 'wifey' Rica, how did that marraige happen and when?

Hahaha I'm not quite sure how it happened, it just kind of did. She was the first blogger I used consistently (before she started Rica's Polish) and we started talking all the time & we are so much alike. I talk to her every single day...99% of the time it's all day! 

I love the G.N.O.M.E. boxes! Will those be monthly?

The G.N.O.M.E. boxes will indeed be monthly and always include a polish from me & one from Rica & a different extra thing every month.

How are you managing with new baby and polish? Do you find it hard to make time for polish now? (to make it and to wear?)

I am not going to lie, it is hard managing being a new mom, owning my own business & making time for my husband. I try my best, but my family will always come first. My husband is very supportive of my business so that makes it easier but sometimes he just wants to spend time with me (I am lucky to have a husband who still likes spending time with me :P) I rarely wear polish anymore, mostly I don't have the time to paint them and Logan likes to stick my hand in his mouth :)


Tell me about YOUR favorites? - favorite polishes, main stream and indie???

My favorite main stream is OPI, and the only main stream I will buy. My favorite indies are Rica's Polish, Powder Perfect (Aussie) and Black Cat Lacquer

How many tattoos do you have? Any great stories behind any of them? (pics?!)

I have 10 tattoos, the only story behind them is the one on my foot. 5 Years ago my husband bought me a star & named it after me. I got the coordinates tattooed on my foot, along with a Phoenix (that is what constellation my star is in) I do not have any pictures :(

(note from aprilaura: I found a few pics of her tattoos, and I'm using these with permission - I'm crafty like that! I particularly LOVE her Alice in Wonderland tatts, look at those colors!!!)

Football fan? Who is your team? Why?

Broncos! I was born in Colorado and that is who I grew up watching.  

Do you have "swatchers"? If so who?

I try to use many different swatchers & bloggers but I would have to say Cho @cherubim is my favorite, her swatches are always stunning, no matter what type of polish I send her.

What's the hardest part of being "mom"?

The hardest part of being a mom is there is never any down time or alone time which can be mentally exhausting always having worrying about everything.

Best date night?

My best date ever was actually my first date with my husband Mark. He wouldn't tell me where we were going so I had no idea what to wear so that was kind of strange. But, the date was a couples massage, he got me naked on the first date without anything sexual happening :P and then we went to a restaurant called Rock Bottom Brewery where I ordered BBQ chicken pizza and one of those small bottles of Korbel champagne. I clearly am not a salad on the first date type of lady.

Favorite CAUSE?

My favorite cause is the World Wildlife Fund. I think it is important to protect our environment and animals that we as humans are causing to go into extinction.
What does hubby do?
My husband works for an environmental company called Clean Harbors, he is currently is contracted through DOW Chemical. What he does is help companies dispose of their hazardous waste correctly and legally.

Will Logan have siblings someday?

As of right now we plan on Logan being our only child. When he is 1 we will be making the final decision if it's just him or maybe another...but I can say with 98% surety he will be an only child.

Where are you located?
I am located in Midland, MI. It is about 2 hours north of Detroit.

What does your future hold??

I honestly have no idea! I try not to make any plans because life happens & things don't always go as planned :)

I especially love that she allowed me to get personal with her, it's always an option to answer my questions and she obviously didn't hold back, and I appreciate that. While I too, am guilty of wanting MY polishes RIGHT NOW, we all need to realize that these indie polish makers have lives too - they have families, pets, sometimes they have day jobs, or all day all night jobs like Drema caring for little Logan.
Support your fellow polish lovers/makers - she has recently released a BUNCH of new polishes - and I'll be doing my usual giveaway on Instagram so keep your eyes open for that!!! If you can't wait and need her polishes sooner than later; visit or she can also be found at IG@stardustpolish and facebook: