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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sprinkling Stardust Everywhere

My very first Indie Polish... and one that I will always go back to,


Not only because the formula is great and the colors are inventive and make me drool, but because of Drema. She fits perfectly the description of any of the Indie Polish Makers I've interviewed; she's sweet and goes out of her way to make sure her customers are satisfied.

But I've done the interview, so now let's swoon over these colors.


Saw it, wrote down the name and just knew I had to have it. A green-blueish gem with gold glitters. Yep, I love it.

Golden Orchid:

Usually I don't choose pinks but as I do, had to try something I don't normally try - if I didn't my nail polish collection would be made up entirely of BLUES.
This was a nice option. Again, with gold glitter, a bubblegum pink. It's fun and flirty and I really like it. I tried to stamp a golden flower to highlight the gold glow but alas, my pictures just don't do this beauty justice.




Vampy vampy vampy. Black jelly with red glitter....gah!!!!!! Cleans up oh so nicely too - I have gotten pretty good at painting my nails with minimum clean up but whenever I use a dark polish I worry about my cuticles looking stained. Not with Harlot. She may be a vamp, but she she's a lady on your nails... wait, what? did that even make sense? Who cares.
My smister sent this to me - as usual, she has made another perfect choice! (Love you Ang!!)

Back Seat Bingo:

B to the I to the NG mutha-effin' OOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Blue blue blue!!! Did I mention how much I adore blue nail polish?! Well this is THE blue. Blue with blue glitter, yes please!!!

Yes Your Majesty:

Another color I avoid, but this is a red I couldn't pass up. When I first saw it, I thought, ' wow that's nice for a red', and (steams up nails and polishes them on lapel) I was right.....again.
Some of you LOVE your reds so don't miss this one!!! Another nice clean up. No staining...yes, very nice.


Now this isn't her latest Royalty 2.0, this is my year old original. The deep deep holo - that's what made it a MUST have when I saw it and converted to the dark side obsession that I now have. All the holo ALL for ME!!! It's easy to see why I converted.....what a stunner!!

Polar Ice:

I wasn't even going to bother talking about this polish, I had thought after a year of some heavy use, and it being a white...well it had to be no good after a year...right? WRONG!! I gave it a try and it surprised me pleasantly by just gliding onto my nails.....aaaaahhhhhh! You just can't go wrong with a delicate white nail polish - it suits any occasion, especially this one.

I'm giving away a bottle of Snazzy and a bottle of Giggle Water - Giggle Water was a tough one to part with because it's.....BLUE!!! But hey, gotta share the polish love right? It's not one I own, so whomever gets it better love it like I would!!! Go find my post on Instagram for rules on my giveaway - ending November 1st.

If you can't wait for a giveaway - go buy these lovelies !!

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