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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TEN perFecT piCtures

Day One of my piCture pOlish mani-a-day:

 Do you want to see my Peacock?


This is a beautiful deep dark purple base with teal green / blue micro glitters. This is three generous coats topped with HK Girl topcoat. Easy to wear with sturdy base that I'm sure will take a little effort to remove.

I fell in love with piCture pOlish which is oh-so-easy to do when you're getting sucked into this world of amazing color. But it's Australian?! So, being new to all of this, I sent a message to ask about pricing au$ vs. usd etc. Who but the amazing and now infamous FORMER nail biter; Jules, responds quickly and sweetly to all of my questions. The customer service before I became a customer is REALLY what sealed the deal. I won't say how much but I spent a small fortune soon thereafter, some of which I've given away for nail mail, but I still have a decent collection and I'm about ready to go for another bite into my children's already non-existent inheiritance.

Another notable about my order from piCture pOlish; shipping. Australia to my door in no-where's-ville, FIVE DAYS. NO LIE! Five little days....and beauties at my disposal! EEp!

So this series of blogs is to you, Jules and piCture pOlish, Thank you much too late and in advance.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I enjoy your amazing polish.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transitioning Disappointment

I will tread as lightly as possible here, I'm not looking to trash ANYONE ever. I will, however, speak the truth......


There, I said it.

Case in point; Buying a thermal that doesn't transition well or at all. It's happened to me in the past with an indie that I adore and buy from somewhat regularly AND I've been able to use it in other ways without expecting transition. It's happened again recently which is a disappointment because I mean - that's why I purchased it right? Unfortunately this time the polish - well....let's just say it's evident the formula could have been a lot better. I'll probably never wear it again.

It's not a huge deal BUT it is a reality. Some indies are just better - they go the extra mile to do some nice packaging and or they send a little sweet treat or whatever, some just are better at one type of polish ie. GITD or holo, or glitter or...well, you know, and that's their specialty.

I now own several different varieties of indies and even if I don't like one of your polishes certainly doesn't mean I won't come back to try something else. Your packaging is kind of important - the cuter the better, cause us girlies just love our cute! Any effort you make to stand out, show pride in your's all noticed.

You know what though? I am having so much FUN figuring all of it out! I have met some just darling darlings, girls are pretty cool. It seriously is more than "just nail polish", it's women supporting women and the positive words that are shared are uplifting and sisterly and my #QUESTTOOWNALLTHEIDIES thus far has been amazing.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I want polish right MEOW!

Black Cat Lacquer.

It started like most....purple holo. I think I own a dozen now. Black Cat was one of my early ones. DEEP dark purple, stunning.

But that's not all. Virgo - beautiful but untried because I'm planning on someday sending it to my nomad daughter in Hawaii (she loves green and is a Virgo).

The stunner of all maybe? Poison Apple. Holo - you got me. Total HoloWhore, yes. But add to that it's a thermal....awe likey....order! Reasonable shipping time, nailmail comes and within seconds it was on my nails.

Sniff....what? That doesn't smell like nail polish. Sniff....smells.....yummy! ...sniff....smells ....fruity? Also being an IG Whore, I post my latest pic and tag @BlackCatLacquer and it me? or does it smell good? The answer, yes! meant to smell like APPLE (DUH!) Seriously?! OMG now it's like in my top ten for sure! Even my coworker wanted some! (Merry Christmas from me btw!)

So how excited was I when I found out that I had won the Black Cat Lacquer portion of the Indies Unite Holiday Giveaway hosted by Glisten and Glow on IG? Pretty damn excited.

I just got my prize(s). Evergreen and Let it Snow - both my choosing.

Frig. Just came in yesterday - waited on pins and needles during the recommended "wait 24 hrs before opening during cold weather conditions" -and you know the 24th hour passed and Let It Snow was on my fingers. I'm convinced it smells delicious too. Blue, sparkly, jelly, holo glitter, holo and white perfect for winter. I swatched Evergreen as well and I KNOW that one smells for sure, more a cinnamon I think, but holo-goodness OMG in another amazing thermal .... just so good. I need more fingers, I really do.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ice Castle Adventure

I live in a wintry wasteland...well, maybe to some it's not a wasteland but for me personally, and especially during winter, it is. You see, I live in the part of New York that doesn't exist, the Adirondack Region.

When most people think of New York, they think of the city. Even when folks that live in this area visit the city they say "I'm going to New York". Ironic, I know. So maybe you know of the boroughs, or maybe even Buffalo or Albany and maybe even Saratoga, but very few know of this area. Once the center stage of the Olympics and "The Miracle on Ice" this area has now become run down, destitute even. Abandoned houses, closed businesses....just a mere shell of what it once was.

But today, an old tradition is honored - The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.

Once Mirror Lake in Saranac Lake is good and frozen over, the preparations begin - they carefully harvest blocks of ice from the Lake and begin to assemble an amazing Ice Castle.

I could go on about the history of it all, but it's been blogged and re-blogged and blogged again so if you're interested in that aspect of this event, I'm confident you will find plenty of information. Today I will just tell you about my experience.
Today was warm. Well, comparatively speaking anyway. A balmy 34 degrees today, much warmer than the 18+ below temperatures we've recently experienced. My mister works in Saranac Lake and thought it would be a good day for me to go into work with him so we could check out the Winter Carnival.

This is an amazing family adventure opportunity. Which is evident by all the families braving the elements. There are events going on round the clock, lumberjack contest, snow mini golf - with a mini golf course constructed from ice and snow, local businesses host events of their own and of course what Winter Carnival would be complete without a King and Queen?

So, should you find yourself lost in the Adirondacks during the dead of winter, perhaps you'll want to experience this for yourself. Bundle up, bring the kids, and enjoy the day.