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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I want polish right MEOW!

Black Cat Lacquer.

It started like most....purple holo. I think I own a dozen now. Black Cat was one of my early ones. DEEP dark purple, stunning.

But that's not all. Virgo - beautiful but untried because I'm planning on someday sending it to my nomad daughter in Hawaii (she loves green and is a Virgo).

The stunner of all maybe? Poison Apple. Holo - you got me. Total HoloWhore, yes. But add to that it's a thermal....awe likey....order! Reasonable shipping time, nailmail comes and within seconds it was on my nails.

Sniff....what? That doesn't smell like nail polish. Sniff....smells.....yummy! ...sniff....smells ....fruity? Also being an IG Whore, I post my latest pic and tag @BlackCatLacquer and it me? or does it smell good? The answer, yes! meant to smell like APPLE (DUH!) Seriously?! OMG now it's like in my top ten for sure! Even my coworker wanted some! (Merry Christmas from me btw!)

So how excited was I when I found out that I had won the Black Cat Lacquer portion of the Indies Unite Holiday Giveaway hosted by Glisten and Glow on IG? Pretty damn excited.

I just got my prize(s). Evergreen and Let it Snow - both my choosing.

Frig. Just came in yesterday - waited on pins and needles during the recommended "wait 24 hrs before opening during cold weather conditions" -and you know the 24th hour passed and Let It Snow was on my fingers. I'm convinced it smells delicious too. Blue, sparkly, jelly, holo glitter, holo and white perfect for winter. I swatched Evergreen as well and I KNOW that one smells for sure, more a cinnamon I think, but holo-goodness OMG in another amazing thermal .... just so good. I need more fingers, I really do.

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