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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TEN perFecT piCtures

Day One of my piCture pOlish mani-a-day:

 Do you want to see my Peacock?


This is a beautiful deep dark purple base with teal green / blue micro glitters. This is three generous coats topped with HK Girl topcoat. Easy to wear with sturdy base that I'm sure will take a little effort to remove.

I fell in love with piCture pOlish which is oh-so-easy to do when you're getting sucked into this world of amazing color. But it's Australian?! So, being new to all of this, I sent a message to ask about pricing au$ vs. usd etc. Who but the amazing and now infamous FORMER nail biter; Jules, responds quickly and sweetly to all of my questions. The customer service before I became a customer is REALLY what sealed the deal. I won't say how much but I spent a small fortune soon thereafter, some of which I've given away for nail mail, but I still have a decent collection and I'm about ready to go for another bite into my children's already non-existent inheiritance.

Another notable about my order from piCture pOlish; shipping. Australia to my door in no-where's-ville, FIVE DAYS. NO LIE! Five little days....and beauties at my disposal! EEp!

So this series of blogs is to you, Jules and piCture pOlish, Thank you much too late and in advance.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I enjoy your amazing polish.

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