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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Double Exposure

Day 2 and Day 3 of my piCture pOlish mani-a-day:

Day 2: Fairy Floss

Simple, yet feminine and sweet - this pastel goes on nicely. I think pinks are great for any occasion. They can be demure (like this one) or they can be bold and the variation of shades, endless.

This lovely is part of my first order and I'm glad I'm impetuous as I am and got this nice classic pink. As you will see later on; I opted for some of the less-classic colors as well. There are just so many piCture pOlish colors to choose from and each one hard to resist.

Day 3: Wisteria

Again, a simple pastel color. I could get great coverage in just two coats and this really didn't need a topcoat it was so shiny on it's own. I made an attempt at some nail art. Yes, I know I need practice. I'm practicing I promise! (PS. Why do you all make nail art LOOK so easy?! Darn you! Especially you water-marble'rs out there!!)

When this color sits a little while, it separates which is weird but it blends easily and I have no issues with lack of/over pigmentation spots when applied. I like a solid, plain purple - this is perfect.

I still have more! Stay tuned and meanwhile



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