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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LOst in paRadiSe, thanKs foR thE WarNinG

Day 6: piCture pOlish mani-a-day

Paradise -beautiful & lovely a state of delight

What can I say about this beauty? The colors are rich and deep, a dark blue pearl with dark purple/fuscia mini glitters that are just perfect.

This is three coats with top coat.

Maybe you can notice I tried one of my nail vinyls somewhat unsuccessfully on my accent nail. I think it was a bad choice of shape and of accent polish, just didn't stand out well.

PS those nail vinyls are awesome! mine are from @teismom on IG, I'll blog about those another time.

I've been dabbling on the piCture pOlish website and filling my cart with goodies for my next dream purchase, always fun. This time I'll have my smister piggy-backing on my order so I'm thinking it's going to be a super dreamy order.

Day 7:


for the young & the not so young

Purple. Let me just put that out there....                                 it's awesome....

OK so I lean towards blues/purples anyway but this one is a stunner, and it's so light. Two coats, done.

I showed it off a bit with a cutie-pahtootie nail charm... they're cute but kind of a hassle in a way, they need to be coddled and sometimes I don't have time to be Mrs. Wiggins - that's and old Carol Burnett reference for you kids out there - Carol Burnett is a hilarious skit comedian btw, I'm basically saying I can't be bothered to baby my nails.

The polish wears very well though. It's got like-colored blueish/purple mini glitter to give it some zip. Kind of like Wisteria but dressed up.


I know you've got to be wanting to try them by now.
Link is on my page.

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