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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transitioning Disappointment

I will tread as lightly as possible here, I'm not looking to trash ANYONE ever. I will, however, speak the truth......


There, I said it.

Case in point; Buying a thermal that doesn't transition well or at all. It's happened to me in the past with an indie that I adore and buy from somewhat regularly AND I've been able to use it in other ways without expecting transition. It's happened again recently which is a disappointment because I mean - that's why I purchased it right? Unfortunately this time the polish - well....let's just say it's evident the formula could have been a lot better. I'll probably never wear it again.

It's not a huge deal BUT it is a reality. Some indies are just better - they go the extra mile to do some nice packaging and or they send a little sweet treat or whatever, some just are better at one type of polish ie. GITD or holo, or glitter or...well, you know, and that's their specialty.

I now own several different varieties of indies and even if I don't like one of your polishes certainly doesn't mean I won't come back to try something else. Your packaging is kind of important - the cuter the better, cause us girlies just love our cute! Any effort you make to stand out, show pride in your's all noticed.

You know what though? I am having so much FUN figuring all of it out! I have met some just darling darlings, girls are pretty cool. It seriously is more than "just nail polish", it's women supporting women and the positive words that are shared are uplifting and sisterly and my #QUESTTOOWNALLTHEIDIES thus far has been amazing.

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