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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Liquid Sky Stalker

My name is April, and I am obsessed with Liquid Sky Lacquer.

I'm not exactly sure when it began, a little less than a year ago would be my guess. Through the wonderful world of Instagram; I found the "IG Nail Community". I had previously always been a big fan of nail polish and nail art but this opened a new world to me; the world of INDIE nail polish. It was love at first sight.

Colors, never before seen, textures, thermals, glow in the dark, foils, glitters, toppers, undies and the list goes on.... Heaven. Then - HOLOs! OMG, that was when I stopped looking at a distance (whilst claiming "I'd never spend that much for one bottle of polish") and started my QUEST TO OWN ALL THE INDIES! Well, to be honest at the time, that wasn't my goal but you'll soon see how quickly my plot unhatched.

I'm pretty sure my first order was from Stardust Polish - but that's for another post.

Liquid Sky Lacquer was actually my second indie purchase. I ordered minis, three of them - but let's focus on which started all of this; Sugared Berries. A light lilac holo. First, I noticed the formula - much smoother than a regular nail polish I thought. It didn't go on thick or gloppy - it truly flowed. Then, of course, the color and mostly the HOLO.

What can I say? I'm a sucker. Done. Soon I was back on the site ordering more.

Today, as I type this, I am wearing Wink ;) and all I can say is it IS Holo. There are simply too many colors in this polish to call it one. Blue grey tones, silver, pink purple,'s beautiful. When the sun peeks out, I grab a holo, especially on these freezing cold days I need something bright and sparkly. It's a girl thing.

I am also anticipating my most recent purchase, Mystical Peacock. I've been yearning for her multichromes but because of holidays etc, put off the purchase. (Hey, reality sucks sometimes) I don't know how many posts I will write about Liquid Sky because I have come to grips with my obsession and it would be hard for me to criticize anything she does; a bit biased I believe. I guess if I had to say a negative about her is that I don't live next door to her, and endless funds to support my habit. I once and ONLY once recieved my order a bit mixed up, but a simple email fixed that and she was more than gracious. She even agreed to answer some questions I had about making nail polish, again graciously.

So, this has been my undoing...a slippery downward spiral into the indie nail polish world. I go willingly allowing myself to be sucked in by each new lovely.

Talented ladies, great customer service with pride in what they do - I salute you.

Liquid Sky Lacquer, I stalk you because I am....Liquid Sky Stalker!

If you want to join me in my craziness, please visit:

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