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Thursday, May 8, 2014


These people with their lives....
I'm anxiously awaiting another Interview with an Indie. She's away on vacation....I wonder what that must be like. It's been about 3 years since I've had one.
I'm really looking forward to another interview. I learn along with each interview. In fact, I have recently asked a blogger/swatcher to do an interview as well. Kind of a behind the scenes scene, for those of us who dream of being one of our favorite indie's "swatchers". And yes, I do dream of being one...I just dont think my hands are pretty enough, fingers slim enough or have the right shape or whatever....I think I'll keep my day job for sure.

Well today is another day and meanwhile I will tell you about this cute brand of polish I've just tried for the first time last night.

It's Eighty4.

I chose Candy Mint, Purple Haze, Turquoise noise and another un-named that I've set aside for a very deserving nail mail buddy. (<3 you!)

So here they ALL are at once!

The minty-est of minty, this mint is flourescent. Just brilliant. I just had to top it off with holo top coat to squeeze the rainbows out too.
Then with some help of some cool nail vinyl/sticker thingys (these were a combo of chevrons from Nail Vinyls and the scales were from Love Angeline Polish

I topped off my two middle fingers with Turquoise Noise and Purple Haze. They are soooo cute, I just loved this mani.

The good - The polish wore well, no chips after 24 hours and coats well. However, I needed a full three coats not because of coverage but because the formula was thick and groovy if you know what I mean. The microglitters even moreso. BUT the colors are brilliant and I certainly acheived a mani that I'm thrilled with.

The other great thing about the polish was that it was reasonably priced. I think I got the microglitters on sale at $6 each and I think the cream was $8. I've seen some new colors come through - another thing I like about Eighty4, and I'm sure I'll be back to give them another try. The unmentionable one is a thermal so I'll have to question/maybe interview? my nail mail buddy and find out what she thinks.

My shopping experience was a good one, shipped quickly and included a free gift of goat's milk moisturizer that smells like fresh powder.

Here's the link to give them a try:
Thanks again for reading my blog. Please stay tuned for my Interview with an Indie coming SOON that will again include a give away!!!

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  1. Thanks for featuring us on here! I am grateful enough to get those pastels on in 1 coat, dont ask how! LOL... I am so sad that I had to discontinue the thermals because I love wearing them personally. When I lived in VA, I didn't have any problems during the summer with them but now since I'm in GA and it's been crazy hot, it's just breaking them. They get stuck in the warm state. Needless to say, I thew away 70 bottles :-( I did keep a couple because the warm state color is pretty fab Lol.