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Thursday, May 15, 2014





First of all, why "Bellskandi"? Where did you get the name?
BellsKandi, the reason I chose this name was because my daughters name is Isabella. My nickname for her is “Bells.” The “Kandi” part came from my obsession with raves, anything neon and of course the accessories that go with which is called “KANDI.” They are basically pony beads that are weaved into anything imaginable. My first home made store on etsy was where I sold all of my kandi creations from wrist cuffs to custom purses. I basically combined 2 things I loved and came up with “BellsKandi!” 
How long have you been making polish?
My online store opened up on etsy on Feb 14, 2013 with my first polish selling that same day. I experimented with different thermal combination for over a month before opening the store. I wanted to make sure there were no other indie makers on the market making the colors I wanted to release.
Who has been your biggest influence?
I know this may sound cheesy but my biggest influence has been my customers. There are so many indie makers flooding the market right now, making a big name for yourself is almost impossible. There have been times that I wanted to give up and close shop but have gotten praise and words of encouragement for all you beautiful ladies. Girls email me for all different kinds of request and although I make no promises of actually being able to create their idea, its not only challenging but gets my creative juices flowing to where its inspiring! I not only want to create it but it almost always sparks an idea for a new color combination
Day job? Night job? If so, what do you do? Or are you still going to school?
As of right now I am unemployed because I will be starting nail tech school on the 19th of this month at night. I’m beyond excited to begin this journey, its something I have always wanted to do and I feel like it will help me take BellsKandi to the next level. I want to start having my polish sold in local nail shops and boutiques.
What is your favorite polish (other than yours)?
My absolute favorite polish is Stay Classy San Diego by Enchanted Polish, a close second is Coronation by Cirque

New bottles and new logo, why the change?
I decided to change my bottles initially from round to the “squoval” because at that time that was the only bottle that came with a flat brush. Although the price for these bottles were about .10 more expensive I felt that the brush in itself was worth the extra expense. My original supplier starting selling the original round bottles with the flat brush months later and I immediately made the change. The round bottles are much easier to label also. As far as my logo, the orig BellsKandi logo wasn’t created by me, I paid a graphic designer on IG to create a log from the ideas I sent her. After a few months of having my logo and the polish gaining popularity I had a few customers point out to me that my logo the “BK” was similar to another nail polish company overseas. I did my research and did see that they had the same backwards B and K as I did. I knew I had to change my design, and apart of me wanted to create the logo myself. I spent about 2 weeks on my logo playing with different ideas and designs until I came up with what it is now.
Tell me about the new little bottle do you make them?
The bottle charms were create by @bubblescreations on IG. She created them for my 1 year anniversary duo. I initially wanted to add them on each and every bottle until I realized how time consuming it was to measure each string for each charm then knot it and hang from each bottle. I decided bc of this I would use the charms for my anniversary polishes and any special edition polishes. They are made of resin and hand painted.
Why does your polish smell 'sweet' when applying? (LOVE that!!)
The sweet smell to my polish is a special additive, not scent, to my formula that also helps with the quick drying. I wanted my polish to be different from other brands because I myself hate polishes that have a strong scent. I gives me a headache. Theres no way I’m going to continue to use a polish that gives me a headache, why would I expect any of my customers to want to?
Do you have other hidden talents? (photography, knitting...???) 
Hidden talents, no I honestly believe that my talent is my creativity. I will basically master anything I put my mind to.
How often do you paint your nails?
I paint my nails everyday or every other day depending on the chipping. I have extremely oily nail beds so it makes any mani impossible to last more than 2 days. Nail envy in combination with HK Girl top coat has literally worked miracles for my manis!
What is your favorite indulgence?
My favorite indulgence is candy, not chocolate but candy like nerds, twizzlers, starbursts, skittles, and sweet tarts! If I could live on just candy and nothing else I would!

Do you have pets?
I have one dog his name is Onyx. He’s a chihuahua, I rescued him from a shelter and have had him for over 6yrs.

What do you like to do in your free time?
During my free time I play video games, watch reality tv (american idol, the voice and survivor) or some series, right now I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead.

What inspires you?
Anything can really inspire me, I constantly find myself out and about and an idea just pops in my head, I immediately whip out my phone and start typing away in my notes. I honestly think I have over 350 random notes with ideas lol.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
My favorite music is techno, but its not just any techno it has to be vocal. Nothing irks me more than a song I cannot sing along to lol.

Here's an obscure question - if you had to guess (or perhaps you actually know), how many bottles of nail polish have you sold? How many were customs?
If I had to guess I would say my collection is at about 500 bottles, all indies. I donated all my mainstream polishes to a charity called Polished Girlz. Its an organization that goes to hospitals and give manicures to young girls to brighten their day. When I first of the organization I was so touched, I had so many brand new polishes that I knew I would never get around to using because of my indie obsession. I said to myself, I must donate these or I will never forgive myself. It was not hard at all to part with them because I knew that they would not only get used, but help bright a young lady who is sick and has probably never had her nails done.
As far as customs, i have not done that many. I received more inquires, but have turned down a lot simply because I do not have the time. Customs take a lot of work and if you do not get it right on the first or second try it becomes a loss. I would say to date I’m prob at about 20 customs.




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