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Monday, June 9, 2014


I'd like to take some time to tell you about my experiences so far. I've only done a few interviews so far, and it's been amazing. I have been turned down by someone for an interview which is ok, because it was a very gracious "thank you but no thank you" response. I'll admit I'm a bit disappointed because I'd love to know more about where my indies come from and who makes them but as I tell all of my interviewees; it's all for fun and always appreciated.
I'm glad I asked who you all thought would be my next indie interview - it gave me some insights as who you would like to hear from and I promise I will do my best to make that happen. Glad to hear any suggestions you may have - is there a question that I'm not asking that I should? PLEASE, leave feedback!!

So... without any further adieu; my next INTERVIEW WITH AN INDIE: SHOP EIGHTY4!!! And the ever-so-lovely Fefe!!! What an amazing young lady! Didn't even hesitate when asked for an interview, so so sweet. Her polishes aren't bad either hehehe - no not bad at ALL. I did a SMALL blog on a few of her polishes earlier but honestly, I like to try several polishes from an indie to give a good opinion of the product - which I am oh-so-anxiously-awaiting. Previously I tried two micro glitters and one crème - waiting on BODY PRODUCTS as well as her stunning POLISHES: neon holo multichrome .... oops sorry, I think I drooled a little there..... so I am SURE I'll be blogging more after I've had the opportunity to have the full Shop Eighty4 experience.



Why Eighty4?
Why the name?

My business partner Cara and I were both born in 1984. We initially started off making jewelry, and could not agree on a name. We visited “Eighty4” a few times and finally agreed on it. Needless to say, the jewelry thing became such a fad that we no longer thought it was original and/or unique so we stopped that.

How long have you been making polish?

We started testing the whole polish creation thing back in July of 2013. After relocating, I finally launched the site in September of 2013 but did not promote it until October as I was out of town for about 3 weeks so there was no way I would have been able to fulfill orders. 

Tell me about your "other products" - the non-polish products.

Before we launched the nail polish line, we knew we wanted to expand. We are very much so into cosmetics of all kinds along with bath and body products. We decided to try the bath and body products route first. We formulated a few different types of lotions (Goat’s Milk) and body butters (unreleased for now). My curiosity found me formulating bath bombs and cuticle products shortly after. Not everything is available for sale due to the extreme temperatures. However, the bath bombs should be available soon. They are one of my favorite products, EVER! Everything is handmade with love, what can I say? We are also working on developing our cosmetics line. More details will be announced within the next few months.

What is next for you? What new concoction/polish will you come up with?

Polish wise, we are looking to create some of the best crème polishes to ever touch a person’s paws. We also just started dipping into the wonderful world of Holo. More holo goodies are to come. We will also continue to develop of cosmetics started with lip products.

Is this a full time thing for you?

Yes, Eighty4 is a full time thing for me. It’s taken over a good amount of my house truth be told!

Where are you?

I am located in Atlanta, GA. Cara is in Norfolk, VA. All of the Eighty4 magic happens in Atlanta. From formulating, creating, processing orders to shipping.

What is your biggest challenge?

Staying ahead of the game. With this funding itself, it can be a bit challenging to try the latest trends. We do our best to bring new, fresh ideas to the table though.

Who is your biggest supporter?
Besides my Aunt who not only invests but tries to buy everything we make (stop that woman! Lol)… I am going to say a handful of Instagram ladies. Whenever we launch new colors, there are a few girls that will always support us. It’s like clockwork and we appreciate them. I make sure to stay in touch with many customers and especially our biggest supporters. I always ask what do they want to see next. Their input is very important to us as they are the reason why we are here.

Who do you admire/fellow indie maker?

I have a long list of favorites when it comes to the indie world. When I read this question, Annette from Disturbed Potions came to mind. We were able to connect when we helped a fellow indie polish supporter out and after chatting with her… I admire her! Her story is so touching and she really puts her all into her products. She not only does nail polish but also bath and body products along with a killer line of skincare items. She’s the sweetest gal ever.


Something from your "bucket list"?

To see Britney Spears perform “live”. Okay, I know… She lip-syncs but I love the girl nonetheless Lol.

Favorite food?

I am a sucker for Italian and Mexican. I love food. I can’t choose one thing!

OK, so I don't share her taste in music....but I do hope she makes her concert dream happen. The "sweetest gal ever" remark regarding Annette from Disturbed Potions - seems to be a common thread in these indie polish makers, or at least the ones I've had the honor of working with - all SMART young ladies with boatloads of drive. 29-year-old entrepreneur? I hope her Aunt is ready to be wealthy if she isn't already because with Fefe's just incredible attitude, her drive, her NEED to connect with her customers and make them happy and caring about what they want to see next....all of that inevitably will lead to grand success. Let me tell you this, working this hard and being this humble, she deserves that success.

Hugs and love to you Fefe, thank you for doing this!


  1. Thanks again for featuring us! :-D

  2. I havent been able to order any of her polishes yet but I want to soo bad!! They look amazing!