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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Not-So-Secret Love Affair

So, it may have become a bit apparent that I have begun a love affair with ShopEighty4 polishes, and I can seriously see myself easily being sucked into her skin/beauty products as well. Let me tell you my little story (I promise, it's little)....

I had purchased from ShopEighty4 in the past - 2 microglitters and a creme. To be completely honest, I'm just not good with microglitters! I buy them from everyone because c'mon - they're glittery, and beautiful...why WOULDN'T I buy them right? But every single one I buy is a disappointment, I make a clumpy mess and it makes me sad. So, I was disappointed as usual with the microglitters, but the creme...well, that was a different story. I loved the pigment and the coverage so I blogged. I know, shocker.

Enter Fefe, makes some nice comments prompting my request for an interview. Knowing I'd be doing the interview and wanting to purchase some lovelies for a giveaway (my normal practice), I placed an order. This and that and oh yeah that looks nice, and that one will be good for a give away and so on...honestly thinking one or two I'd keep and the others would just be give aways.
So they come...

And then I try Sea Goddess...

And I die.

And then Barbie Ride...and Say What? and Tropical Rain Forest....and Enchantment, and Barney on Drugs....

Instantly hooked. Done. Immediately placed reorder for everything (for the give away) PLUS her new beach collection...yes....even though I still haven't finished trying the ones I have already purchased I am just SO anxious to be getting more.

Normally, I'd feel some guilt because as we know, indie polish shopping CAN get pricey but seriously her prices are unbelievably reasonable. I can afford to go a little nuts and that makes me happy. My collection is growing fast.

So, there are a few of my new lovelies here - and you know I'll be bragging about the new ones when they arrive. Do yourself a favor and check her site out, and do ME a favor and read my INTERVIEW WITH AN INDIE SHOP EIGHTY4.

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  1. Seriously?!?!?! You must share those holos!! Lol I won your giveaway, and I must say, I was quite disappointed....THAT I COULDN'T PICK EVERY STINKING HOLO AND CREME SHE HAD!!! ROTFLMBO I mean, C'MON NOW!! I can't wait to try them!! Sandcastle has been on my radar ever since I laid eyes on it! But did I pick that one? No!! Because I'm a doof head and picked two others!! �� It will be mine.... I loved your blog, as always, and can't wait to read the next one!!