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Monday, July 28, 2014

Chasing beautiful polish......

If I haven't mentioned it before, I feel a bit privileged in that I get to ask questions of these Indie Polish Makers and in doing so, get the inside info before anyone else.

Sarah, what a genuine sweet girl. Brave. Yep, I said it - brave. After reading her story, I couldn't help but admire her undampened spirit. Thankful for her time with Audrey, and not afraid to keep moving forward. Brave. I sincerely hope that Audrey sends another angel to her and her husband.

Beyond her personal story she's a entrepreneur as well, venturing into the Indie Polish Making (shark infested?) waters..... ok maybe not quite that dramatic but hey, competition is out there with more Indies added every day. So here I go, putting in my two cents about her product - or at least the ones I bought.

First up, Orchid.....

I just adore girly colors, once shying away from overplayed pinks, I'm back to wearing them ten fold. And it's because of polishes like this one. Three coats to full opacity and what a SHINE. While applying coat one I thought, "This would be perfect for a french mani..." so I did one, on my toes. CUTEEEEEE and lasted and lasted and lasted.....

Next, Peony

 Now, moving on to my more favorite colors; here is a lovely delicate blue called Hydrangea. I wish I was able to do the pond effect mani for you but I'm afraid that would have been laughable.
I imagine this polish would make a great pond effect mani,
(insert little girl from Despicable Me voice:) 'IT'S SO SQUISHY!!!!'

The last polish I'll feature (for now) is Wisteria, again.. the word 'delicate' comes to mind with these polishes. Their shine is amazing as well. Seriously, they didn't need a topcoat.
You must be thinking, "April how about you stfu and tell me WHERE I can purchase these lovelies?" and I would reply right here:
And then I would perhaps mention that you still have a few days to
enter my giveaway on IG(ends 7/31). 
And PS. if you go to my giveaway picture and comment with your first name and your favorite color from this collection/blog - I'll give you an extra entry!!!!!
Good luck!!

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