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Friday, August 29, 2014

my pipe dreams have been answered !

I love the latest nail trends. Some of them more than others. Neons, well....I didn't really get super excited about those. Several different brands came out with their version and some were a bit of a temptation but I knew I wanted to interview April, and I knew she was coming out with neons so I decided THOSE were the ones I'd try.

a night in vegas collection...


I like to think that my gradients look pretty cool - well with these polishes they popped like never before! I had so much fun that I just had to try every possible combination of gradient. Each one just stunning....

 Then maybe add my favorite holo top coat and viola!

Then I had a little more fun with some nail art - stripes and polka-dots are about the best I can do..

....or maybe a glitter gradient accented with some
@teismom nailvinyls (I LOVE those things!!)
Everything I tried to do, this polish cooperated completely.
Just glided on my fingers - in some cases I probably even could have gone with one coat.

I've stated before that watermarble is my kryptonite. I totally gave up on it for a while, I was so frustrated. With these polishes, the formula was just so smooth and perfect, I just had to give it a try. Now try not to laugh this is actually a good job for me. I'm no Yasmeen (sloteazzy) but I was pretty darn proud of myself, I gotta tell ya.

Maybe it's become evident that I'm crazy about her polishes.
I tend to stay away from glitter polishes - don't really know why but it's just me. I do try to go out of my 'comfort zone' once in a while and give things like that a try. My first original order from pipedream was mas fina - and it's a stunner let me tell you. I knew I'd like it just because of the color combinations, but while I ordered that; I also threw in a mini of flip fantasia and I just kind of let that one sit untried. As I was preparing for this interview I pulled out these polishes to revisit my pipedream experience. I put on flip fantasia and flipped. Now I'm kicking myself left and right because I only have a mini. All jokes aside, if anyone knows where I can nab a full size of this polish I WANT IT!!! April cannot get the glitter she needs to recreate it so I'm SOL!! I have the perfect description of that polish - (start humming the "Happy" song by Ferrell) because it's HAPPY!!!.... It's bright, it's fun, the glitters lay perfectly, and it just plays that song to you all day long. I adore it and now I'm savoring each drop, saving it for emergency - when I need some happy.

I got this, it's called 'hanging on like a yo yo' because it reminds me of 'flip fantasia' but it just doesn't sing to me as nicely. I explain this one like this: Neony orange fun glittery to wrap up summer but pumpkin organgey to easily transcend into if that is an easy change - I go kicking and screaming into it while everyone else is like oooh pumpkin this and leaves and candles. I have 6 million acres of leaves around me....beautiful's coming....sigh.

So go buy these, and check out all the other lovelies I didn't even mention like cha-ching, and it's a mystery....and on and on....

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